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Thanks, Ernesto.
In relation to this, I'd also like to share with GO::DH the living document
of the Panamá Declaration for Open Science in Latin America and the

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On Mon, Oct 22, 2018 at 8:01 AM Ernesto Priego <efpriego at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> With apologies for cross-posting.
> This week, (which is International Open Access Week
> <http://www.openaccessweek.org/>, by the way), on Wednesday October 24
> and Thursday October 25 an international meeting dedicated to the digital
> humanities and the hegemonies of scientific knowledge will be held at Roma
> Tre University, Rome, Italy. The title of the event is "Ricerca
> scientifica, monopoli della conoscenza e Digital Humanities. Prospettive
> critiche dall’Europa del Sud" (Research, Monopolies of Knowledge and the
> Digital Humanities: Critical Perspectives from Southern Europe").
> The event's goal is to turn around the pejorative "PIIGS" label (used to
> refer to Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) and introduce a view
> from the South on the geopolitics of digital knowledge: the issues around
> open access, Anglophone hegemony in journal publishing, exorbitant costs of
> subscriptions for libraries, research assessment systems, etc. We thought
> it was important to interrogatet his label from socio-anthropological and
> postcolonial perspectives in order to take it as a starting point of
> resistance to the policies that are destroying Europe as a whole.
> The term "PIIGS" first appeared in 2009 in *The Economist *referring to
> the economies of Southern Europe. Our aim is to discuss how Mediterranean
> countries have uncritically and silently accepted the rules of the Global
> North regarding the production and dissemination of academic and scientific
> knowledge. We will reflect on how knowledge monopolies in science are
> manipulating the production of knowledge not only in the Global South, but
> also in relatively less marginal cultures and languages (including PIIGS
> countries). (On PIIGS, it's insightful to watch at least the first fiive
> minute sof htis film: https://youtu.be/bHXeGjrOJLQ).
> ¿Are we then the Digital Humanities' 'PIIGS'? This is the question that a
> group of digital humanists, sociologists, philosophers, historians and
> economists will address in this event. The programme is attached to this
> email.
> This event has been organised with the support of the  “Community as
> Opportunity-Creative archives and users network” (Creative Europe-Culture
> Sub-programme 2014-2020) project, led by Manuel Salamanca (UCM) and the
> Department of Political Science at Roma Tre University (Domenico Fiormonte).
> The event is free and will be live streamed via
> http://streaming.uniroma3.it/ and
> https://ww.youtube.com/channel/UCPtgISuy061980fGS63VWiA.
> <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPtgISuy061980fGS63VWiA>
> We hope the international community of the digital humanities is
> interested in the perspectives that this event will offer.
> Best regards,
> Ernesto
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