[globaloutlookDH-l] New Executive Roles and other matters

Barbara Bordalejo barbara.bordalejo at kuleuven.be
Tue Feb 26 12:03:30 MST 2019

Dear all, 

Last week we had a meeting with the new GO::DH executive. We decided that Brian Rosemblum will serve as vice-chair, Marisol Fila as secretary, Amy Earhart as webmaster and Rahul Gairola is going to be in charge of our social media presence. I was asked to serve as chair and accepted. 

We still don't have a complete executive committee which, according to our bylaws, should have eight members, so we will be calling for another election in the next few days. If you can, think of nominating yourself. This group needs all hands on deck right now. 

I want to bring to your attention the current discussions about the new ADHO governance model. As it is, several of the possible scenarios would not allow the Special Interest Groups (of which GO::DH is one) a vote. The argument is that if the SIGs had a vote, some people would be doubly represented. GO::DH differs from other SIGs in that most of our members are not part of formal associations already represented within the ADHO structures which is why, for some time, we have been exploring the possibility of a different type of relationship with ADHO. I think it is time to reopen those conversations. I would like a couple of volunteers from the general membership to help with this matter. Please contact me or any member of the executive off list if you are interested in contributing to this. 

I would like to thank Amy and Tunde for their help and support, all new and former members of the executive, and everyone on this list. You are GO::DH; let’s continue to do great work together. 


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