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Global Digital Humanities Symposium

March 21-22, 2019
Michigan State University (USA)
East Lansing, Michigan


Join in virtually! The event will be livestreamed at http://go.cal.msu.edu/globaldh

(all times are in the Eastern time zone)

Thursday, March 21, 2019

  *   9:30-10:30 – Voices from Native Land and Challenges of Incorporating Land and Ecological Knowledge Into Digital Media – Victor Temprano and Samantha Martin-Ferris
     *   10:50-12:00- Lightning Talks
        *   10:50-11:15 – Mapping
           *   Mapping the Librotraficante Movement – Melanie Walsh
           *   All the World’s Onstage: Representing Culture through the Touring Dances of Denishawn – Harmony Bench
           *   Visualizing St. Petersburg: the Mapping Project about the Hidden Connections between its Famous Citizens – Antonina Puchkovskaia
        *   11:30-11:50 – Community Archiving
           *   Diné Peoples in 3D:  A Collaborative Portal Project to Decolonize Keystone View Company Stereographs – Laura Smith and Megan Kudzia
           *   Digital Diasporas, Digital Histories: Preserving Ghana’s Past in the Digital Age – Kirstie A. Kwarteng
     *   1:00-2:20 – Re-Imagining Networks in Global and Local Contexts: Labor, Infrastructure, Access
        *   Digital Humanities and the Archival Turn in India – Puthiya Purayil Sneha
        *   “Digital Thick Description”: Feasts, Gifts, and Plenitude in Mughal Biographies and Paintings from 16th and 17th century India – Jyotsna Singh and Justin Wigard
        *   From “Natural Agitators” to “Sheepwomen:” Women’s Representation in Sheep & Wool Digital Archives – Helen Trejo
        *   The Death of “Publicness”: Japanese digital frameworks and access – David Humphrey
     *   2:40-4:00 -Memory, Bodies, and the Digital: Data as a Humanizing Force
        *   Mapping the History of the Humanities and Media Labs – Urszula Pawlicka-Deger
        *   The Grupo De Apoyo Mutuo Digital Archive: Historical Memory and Guatemala’s Disappeared – Alex Galarza and Mariana Ramirez
        *   Digital Seas of Memory: The Confluence of Digitality and Orality in Reconceiving the Archive – Maria Karaan and Benedict Salazar Olgado
        *   Enslaved: Finding People – Dean Rehberger and Walter Hawthorne
     *   4:20-5:40 – Digital and Other Uprisings: Margins, Centers, and Social Change
        *   Pedagogies of the Digitally Oppressed: Anti-Colonial Critiques and Transnational Collaborations within #OurDhIs Organizing – Kush Patel, Ashley Caranto Morford, and Arun Jacob
        *   A Living Archive: Centering the Content-Creator in Feminista Community Archiving – Marísa Hicks-Alcaraz
        *   Cyber Activism in India: Representation and Analysis of Big Data – Nanditha Narayanamoorthy
        *   Digital Graffiti: Website Defacement as Political Messaging and as Art – David Gustavsen
Friday, March 22, 2019

  *   9:30-10:30 – Responding to the “Border Crisis”: Digital Interventions and Transnational Partnerships – Maira E. Álvarez and Sylvia Fernández
  *   10:50-12:00- Lightning Talks
     *   10:50-11:15 – Textual Analysis
        *   Letters on/from Captivity: An Analysis of the Captive in Portuguese and Spanish Epistolary Writings in the 16th-18th Centuries – Leila Vieira
        *   Authorship Attribution of Yasunari Kawabata’s Novel Snow Country – Hao Sun and Mingzhe Jin
     *   11:30-11:50 – Networks of Knowledge
        *   Silent No More: Using Text Mining and Social Networks to Decolonize the History of Algerian Women – Ashley Sanders Garcia
        *   The Role of Digital Space in the 21st Century – Frolence Rutechura
        *   Humanities Scholars and Ethical Compliance in the Digital World: Role of Academic Librarians in Nigeria – Airen Adetimirin
     *   1:40-3:10 – En-Compassing Latitudes: Methodologies, Pedagogies, and Trajectories of Global DH – Anne Cong-Huyen, Viola Lasmana, and Kush Patel
     *   3:30-5:00 – Surveillance and Social Justice – Latoya Lee, Arun Jacob, Megan Wilson, Andy Boyles Petersen, and Christina Boyles

Kristen Mapes
Assistant Director of Digital Humanities, College of Arts & Letters
Michigan State University
479 West Circle Drive, Linton Hall 308
East Lansing MI 48824
kmapes at msu.edu | @kmapesy

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