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Ernesto Priego efpriego at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 02:37:38 MDT 2019

Dear all,

It seems to me that all researchers using the Internet should care about
copyright legislation that affects what we can and cannot do online.
European researchers using the Internet should be specifically concern
about the Article 17 (ex Article 13).

Many of us believe the current proposals that are being discussed would
negatively impact researchers, creators and users’ fundamental freedoms.

There wouldn't be any academic in the digital humanities (based in Europe
or not) who would not be impacted in some way by this piece of legislation.

Some resources below:

For background: What is Article 13? (BBC)

Read more about the possible impact of Article 17 (ex Article 13):

Final copyright vote: MEPs must choose to save the internet (Open Knowledge
Foundation blog)

I just signed the petition "European Parliament: Stop the
censorship-machinery! Save the Internet!" and wanted to see if you could
help by adding your name.

The goal is to reach 6,000,000 signatures and we need more support. You can
read more and sign the petition here:


As I write this, 5.1 million signatures have been collected.

MEPs vote to approve or reject  #Article17
<https://twitter.com/search?q=%23Article17> [ex Art. 13]* today *26 March
at 12h30.

Last minute action still welcome! saveyourinternet.eu
<https://t.co/j0Tkkx0o9m> #SaveTheInternet

Thank you for considering this message!

All the best,


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