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From: "Katherine D. Harris" <katherine.harris at SJSU.EDU<mailto:katherine.harris at SJSU.EDU>>
Subject: Help with Assignments in Converting to Online Courses
Date: March 24, 2020 at 2:07:38 PM CST

Hi all,

We are releasing our project, Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities<https://digitalpedagogy.hcommons.org/>, in it's "pre-print" digital platform in light of the national emergency and the widespread, last-minute conversion to online or distance education. This project includes 59 keywords<https://digitalpedagogy.hcommons.org/keyword> (Collaboration, Textual Analysis, Language Learning, and more) about how to teaching a particular concept digitally. But, the most important aspect for us right now: each keyword offers 10 annotated artifacts -- that's more than 590 assignments, syllabi, rubrics, articles available right now. All FREE! It will remain open access (digital) forever.

Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities is a curated collection of reusable resources for teaching and research. Organized by keyword, each annotated artifact can be saved, shared, and downloaded. You can build and save your own collection of keywords and artifacts for ease of access. You may also download assignments and readings for immediate use. Almost every pedagogical artifact has a Creative Commons license and is meant to be downloaded, revised, and shared. In order to find the things you're really interested in immediately, you can use the tags and search bar<https://digitalpedagogy.hcommons.org/search>. For instance, if you're interested in collaboration, other than reading the keyword entry, Collaboration, use the tag to find other pedagogical artifacts on collaboration<https://digitalpedagogy.hcommons.org/search/tag/Collaboration> (196!). If a colleague is just starting out in terms of converting courses to online, check out the tag "getting started<https://digitalpedagogy.hcommons.org/search/tag/Getting%20started>" for low barrier to entry artifacts.

See here on how to use the site: https://digitalpedagogy.hcommons.org/about

For a longer treatise on Digital Pedagogy, see our lengthy introduction (or save it for later, because you're in the throes of Zooming with your students):

The project isn't just about literature pedagogy. All kinds of assignments can be revised to be used in a wide variety of disciplines.

There are still some blips with some of the contents because we're running it through the final pre-print review. But, the entire collection is and will remain available and ready to use right now in a moment when we could all use a bit of help.

Email me with questions.

All best,

Dr. Katherine D. Harris
Professor, Department of English & Comparative Literature
San Jose State University
Research Blog: http://triproftri.wordpress.com/
Co-Editor, Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities<https://github.com/curateteaching/digitalpedagogy/blob/master/description.md>
Author, Forget Me Not: The Rise of the British Literary Annual, 1823-1835<http://www.ohioswallow.com/book/Forget+Me+Not>

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